A Chesham teacher has become one of the first teachers in the country to be credited by the United Nations as a designated climate change teacher.

The new role aims at educating children to encourage social innovation and prepare students to protect the planet.

Oliver Humphrey, from Chiltern Hills Academy, has become one of the first 80 teachers to receive the accreditation.

Mr Humphrey said: “I teach geography here at CHA and am also the Academic Year Leader for Year 7. I was amazed by the student’s thirst for knowledge on the subject.

“They see it as their issue. We study Climate Change at KS3 & GCSE and their attitude towards the topic was great. We have had climate posters around the school. One student in Year 7 has even written a song about climate change after she was inspired by a lesson. She performed this on stage at Buryfields this year.

“Climate change is the most defining issue of our time and we are at a defining moment. Education can and will play a key role in this. These students shouldn't have to pay the price of mistakes made a generation or generations before them.”

“The school is now able to deliver up to date and relevant information to the students on the subject. This was only Phase one of the project and am looking forward to what Phase two and Phase three brings.”