The Gateway Club’s annual summer games at Rye Park took place last Tuesday, July 9.

More than 50 people, both volunteers and members of the club, participated in the yearly event where they played sports such as rounders, badminton, football and frisbee.

The Gateway Club is a social club based in High Wycombe which caters to adults who have learning disabilities.

Jackie Boyce, who co-runs the club with Penny Checker, told the Bucks Free Press: “We usually meet up at St Michael’s School on a Tuesday evening but once a year, we come and use this lovely green space to play sports such as cricket, badminton, rounders etc, and we have an ice cream van as well as we try and make it into a nice occasion.

“All of our members are a really great group of people who have their own challenges and we try to be inclusive as we possibly can.

“So, whenever we do a different event, we always try and see how we can get our members involved and these guys are such a great fun.”

The Gateway Club was founded in 1963 and has approximately 70 members with their youngest member being 21-years-old and their oldest member being 65-years-old.

Throughout the year, the club take their members to several events so that they can experience the joys and pleasures that able people take part in.

Trips to museums, zoos, the seaside and to the theatre to watch pantomimes at Christmas are regular events members attend.

And last Saturday, the members and volunteers at the Gateway Club enjoyed a trip to Brighton and before that, they all enjoyed a residential trip to Woodrow High House in Amersham.

Antony Saunders, who has been a member at the club since 2010 told the Bucks Free Press: “I enjoy being here at Gateway as everyone is very friendly and I have really liked doing all the sports stuff like rounders and having free ice cream.”

Fellow member Theresa Hands added: “I’m enjoying it very much as I love being around my friends and playing all the activities and making biscuits."

Amy Caldwell, who is also a member said: “Everyone is very nice, friendly, and I really like doing the activities like sports.”

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