Members from the Second Marlow Bottom Brownies took part in a litter picking session on Saturday, July 6.

The children, who are aged between seven to 10 years-old, were joined by the Marlow Wombles, with the two groups picking up rubbish at Riley Park, the Sainsbury’s car park and by roads that are near the area.

The children managed to fill up seven bin bags of rubbish in just over an hour and a half, with plastic bottles, cans and papers being recycled.

The Marlow Wombles are a group of volunteers who, similarly to the Second Marlow Bottom Brownies, try and keep Marlow a tidy town.

Rebecca Lewis, who is one of the leaders of the Second Marlow Bottom Brownies told the Bucks Free Press: “We do a lot of different things in the community as it’s important for the children to go and learn about what is happening in their area, and something like this will help them get their community badge.”

“We were only out for a short while, but the children did so well in picking up the rubbish as it shows they care for their community.

“I couldn’t believe how much they managed to pick up. Seven bags full in about an hour and a half from three different places is a lot and hopefully those places will be a bit tidier now.”

The children were praised by many in the area for their hard work to try and keep Marlow clean, with the girls receiving a gift from the Hillier Garden Centre.

Mark Skinner, who is the manager of the store, donated several plants to both the Second Marlow Bottom Brownies and the Marlow Wombles which were planted at Riley Park on the same day.

Mrs Lewis added: “It was great to bring both groups of adults and children together to do something we care about, which is to look after our community.

“And we are very grateful of the donation from Mark Skinner at Hillier Garden Centre.

“It’s nice to see three groups come together and help the community with one being a group of children, one being a group of adults and one being a business.”