Water is spewing out of a hole in the pavement in a High Wycombe road. 

A jet of water is shooting into the air from what looks like a small sinkhole in the pavement on Chapel Lane. 

Bucks Free Press:

The jet of water on Chapel Lane

The leak is not affecting passing traffic.

Water is flowing down the incline close to the Verco office furniture site. 

Bucks Free Press:

The water is running down towards the construction site

Land owned by the company is currently being redeveloped to provide more factory space - but it is not clear if the leak is anything to do with the work going on nearby. 

Thames Water has been approached for comment. 

The leak echoes a similar incident that happened nearby on West Wycombe Road in October 2017, when a jet of water shot metres in the air from the middle of the road. 

Bucks Free Press:

The West Wycombe Road leak caused chaos

The road had to be shut off while Thames Water fixed a broken pipe - with the force of the water breaking open the surface.