A POPULAR annual charity race is in jeopardy after more than 30 caravans pitched up on the High Wycombe park that is due to host it on Sunday.

The town’s Race for Life – which draws in thousands of amateur runners each year – is set to start at 11am on Sunday, but there are currently travellers on The Rye, where the event takes place.

Travellers arrived at the popular park – which has just been rewarded once again with a prestigious Green Flag award – on Monday, as the Bucks Town and Country Show packed up after a successful weekend fair.

Around 15 caravans arrived on Monday morning – but by Wednesday, there were more than 30, along with other vans, cars and horse boxes.

Their arrival has prompted fears that Race for Life will not be able to go ahead safely.

Organisers are hoping that a planned court order will be executed to evict them if they do not leave so a thorough clean-up can be carried out before Sunday.

A Cancer Research UK spokesman told the Bucks Free Press: “We are in contact with the council on this situation and we understand there is a court order which looks set to be issued should the travellers not leave the site by Friday (July 19).

“This would then mean a clear-up of the site so that the event can take place on Sunday.

“Our wish is that Race for Life can go ahead, but we will need to make that call as late as we can and to ensure that everything is as it should be for the event to happen safely this Sunday.

Bucks Free Press:

“We would advise everyone taking part or coming along to check on the website and social media for updates under the High Wycombe section of our Race for Life pages.

“It is not an ideal situation but of course we hope to deliver the event, but in a safe environment for all concerned.”

Travellers arrived at The Rye after they left Kingsmead Recreation Ground in Loudwater.

They had been camped out there for around nine days before they were made to leave.

A clean-up operation removed dozens of bags of rubbish.

People signed up to run Race for Life received a text this afternoon, saying: 

"📢 IMPORTANT update about High Wycombe Race for Life 📢

"We're working with the Police and Travellers Services and hope that the event can still go ahead on Sunday as planned.

"Look out for further communication from us tomorrow." 

The Race for Life Team