Be-moo-sed passengers on the 300 bus from Wycombe to Aylesbury were left puzzled after a herd of cows entered Main Road in Lacey Green.

It is suspected that the cows broke out from a field nearby before they charged down the road and situated themselves by St Johns C of E Primary School today (Thursday).

Roughly 100 of the animals really milked the situation as they decided to watch the school’s sports day take place in the morning.

Eyewitness Paula Morriss, who was on the 300 bus, told the Bucks Free Press: “It was incredible.

“About a hundred of them just came out of nowhere with some of them surrounding the bus, some of the walking down the road with the others just bashing into each other.

“They just ran down the road and it was horrendous and scary because it was causing a lot of traffic and I was worried that some of them might have got hurt.

“I called 999 to tell them about what happened at around the same time, I saw two farmers coming up behind them.”

A spokesman from the St Johns C of E Primary School said: “Everyone was in high spirits and the children loved it.

“The cows didn’t cause any problems so it was a very interesting start to our Thursday morning.

“I think they just wanted to watch our sports day.”