The critically acclaimed podcast The Football Ramble is going on tour - coming to the stage at the Wycombe Swan in October.

The Football Ramble Podcast was founded in late 2007 around a kitchen table by friends Marcus Speller and Luke Moore.

With comedian Jim Campbell and Absolute Radio DJ Pete Donaldson joining them, by 2009 the fortnightly show was increased to a weekly episode and reached number 1 in the iTunes sports podcast chart.

Following a sell-out live UK tour in 2016, the team behind The Football Ramble have announced they are returning to venues across the UK for a new 2019 tour of The Football Ramble Live!

So what can fans of the show expect to see on the stage?

Pete says it will be a mix of “videos, games, nuclear-level messing about and a wealth of football-related daftness”.

Marcus added: “We definitely approach the live shows differently to the podcast.

“On the podcast we want to give our views on current footballing affairs. Whereas in the live shows, we just find the funniest things to talk about and have as much fun interacting with the audience as we can each night.”

And the group likes to mingle with the audience after the shows and have a drink.

Marcus said: “It may sound like a cheesy thing to say, but when you look at a band on stage or footballers, they obviously have a major talent and you can be in awe of them.

“I don’t think anyone is in awe of us and I think that is our selling point and the authenticity of the podcast.

“It would be ridiculous for us not to mingle with the audience and listeners and have a laugh. It’s just really lovely.”

im said: “It’s often not just podcast listeners that come to the shows too – the live shows definitely aren’t an exclusive ‘listeners only’ club, so it’s good for us to meet new audiences too.”

“Yeah, our listeners often come along with a bunch of their mates and come up to us saying they all had a great time,” added Luke.

“I personally love that and it’s a great way for them to be introduced to the podcast too.”

After the UK tour, the football fans are taking their live shows to the US and Canada - which Pete says they are “really proud” of.

“We wanted to be the first football podcast to do America properly,” he added.

“I love Chicago and I love New York, so I am really looking forward to getting out there. Our listenership from the States is about 20 per cent, which is a surprisingly large amount.”

Despite their major success, The Football Ramble had very humble beginnings.

Marcus said: “Luke was a year above me at university and was working on the sports show for the college radio station, which somebody idly said would make a good podcast. I remember thinking ‘what’s a podcast’.

“I got in touch with the lads and Luke kindly volunteered that his kitchen would be a suitable place to try and record an episode.”

“Retrospectively it was the worst place,” said Luke.

“My friend Rob said his claim to fame is in episode two, cos you can hear him cooking in the background. After a few episodes I messaged Jim.”

Pete was working for radio station XFM when he was approached on Facebook by Luke to join the line-up.

So what makes The Football Ramble different from the other football podcasts out there?

“Saying we are just ‘four mates in a room’ I see as a little patronising,” said Luke.

“But it’s a credit to us that we can make it look like we are relaxed and we have just waltzed in from a night out and are just having a laugh.”

Jim added: “What I like about the format that makes it a bit different from those mainstream things is that we are free to talk about playing headers and volleys over the park and the stupid side of football.

“In most mainstream football media that’s the ‘and finally’ and we can go ‘but first’ and I think that is a crucial difference and for me is the most enjoyable thing about our podcast.”

The Football Ramble Live comes to the Wycombe Swan on October 19.

For tickets, go to or call the ticket office on 01494 512 000.