Residents and business owners have been left “frightened and angry” amid claims of drug-taking, car vandalism and abuse in a private car park in High Wycombe.

The car park, which is located in High Wycombe town centre on Priory Road, has become littered with discarded needles, litter, bottles of urine and other fluids and baskets full of belongings.

One local business owner said that when he arrived at work one morning, he saw two people asleep in the car park - with discarded needles out in the open by their belongings.

Parents have also expressed their concern at the danger the discarded items could pose to children who may not understand what they are.

Bucks Free Press:

Bucks Free Press:

One parent, who lives a matter of metres from the site, spoke to the Bucks Free Press and voiced her worries.

Snezhana Soyanova said: “When I come home from the shop I am scared, I am with my 16-year-old daughter and this is very scary.

“They are here every day and every night, yesterday evening they came to our front door and asked for water. When I said no, a woman started shouting and abusing me.

“I was so upset. It is not nice to see. Sometimes the children go out to play near where they are staying,

“They have been here for about one month.”

Bucks Free Press:

The manager of nearby business Blue Print who’s staff use the car park also expressed his concern for his staff members’ safety and his frustration at the lack of action.

Dale Osbourne, manager of Blue Print, said: “There was a needle on the floor by the bin when I walked out this morning at half six or so in the morning. Sometimes there are six or seven people in the car park.

“They have vandalised someone’s car after having a verbal argument with her saying that they were not going to leave.

“It is just incredible that after a month nothing has been done about it. They’re breaking so many laws but yet the police cannot seem to move them on.

“If I didn’t have my permit in my car, that would be a £100 car fine. I pay £300 for two car parking spaces out there. But yet, they’re out there breaking countless laws and nothing is done.

Bucks Free Press:

“They are there when I get to work in the morning and will tend to leave around 10pm.

“I’m more concerned about the safety of my staff. There are needles on the floor.

“People are scared to go for their breaks because they don’t want to go out. People are scared to leave their cars out there.”

Thames Valley Police had been approached for comment before the Bucks Free Press went to print but did not respond.