WYCOMBE District Council deals with thousands of planning applications every year.

They range from house owners wanting to build an extension to new homes, shops, businesses and even chopping down trees.

Here are four of the best projects announced from last week - the council will now consider whether each should go ahead.

1) Wooburn Park Pavilion, Town Lane, Wooburn Green: An application has been lodged to build a single-storey side extension to the existing single-story cricket pavilion on the site.

The purpose of this extension would be to give the cricket club extra space, to provide public toilets for users of the park.

The space will also be used for additional storage of furniture for the pavilion and ramp.

2) Globe Business Park, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow: Agricultural land close to a car park ease of the A404 (Globe Business Park) and scrub land near Water Sports Club on Fieldhouse park may look different soon.

Developers hope to redevelop a small area of agricultural land in order to create a temporary car park.

The new car park will have 98 additional parking spaces along with perimeter fencing. An attenuation pond will also be created.

3) 285 Marlow Bottom Road, Marlow: This residential property have submitted plans to construct a summer house.

The new addition to the property will be to the back of the current dwelling.

4) Archway House, Central Park Business Centre, Bellfield Road, High Wycombe: Plans to convert the existing building have been submitted this week

Currently, the buildings are used for offices. Developers have applied to change the building from office use to create five flats.

5) Kitchener Works, Kitchener Road, High Wycombe: An application has been submitted to demolish the existing factory building in order to clear the space.

If approved, developers will then erect two, 2.5 storey residential blocks that will comprise of 14 two-bedroom flats complete with associated parking and landscaping.