21 vehicles were clamped in one day as part of a joint DVLA and police operation.

Vehicles without road tax have been clamped across Chesham as the DVLA joined with Chesham Neighbourhood Policing Team and clamped 21 vehicles on August 6.

The Thames Valley Police south bucks Twitter page posted pictures of five of the clamped cars to followers. Reminding them that “A vehicle on a public highway without road tax is illegal.”

As well as urging the public to get their vehicles taxed else “a larger cost awaits you.”

Back in April, 78 cars were caught in one week across High Wycombe.

Once clamped the owner of the vehicle will have to pay a release fee of £100, but if they can’t prove the vehicles been taxed they’ll be asked to pay a surety fee of £160.

Failure to pay fees in the given time will lead to the vehicle being impounded.

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