THE dilapidated old benches in a High Wycombe shopping area have been replaced with a brand new curved seating area.

The resting spots on Frogmoor were looking worse for wear - and as part of a £109,000 project to revamp the area, which has previously been described as a “nuisance” part of town, new curved seats have been put in their place.

As well as the new benches, extra bollards will also be put up around the perimeter to stop vehicles parking on it and some repairs will be made to the pavement surface.

A raft of bigger changes are set to be looked at once the long-awaited Chiltern Shopping Centre overhaul plans get going.

The neglected shopping centre was bought by housing developers Dandara Homes, but they have not yet revealed what they are planning to do with it.

The mini-makeover is part of a bid to make Frogmoor more welcoming after a string of complaints about drinking and antisocial behaviour.