SPEEDING offences in High Wycombe quadrupled from 2017 to 2018, new police figures show.

The 400 per cent rise was across both fixed speed cameras and mobile speed gun sites manned by officers. 

In total, 1991 drivers were caught in just one year. 

But which cameras caught the most?

We've delved into the numbers to pull out the highest-grossing speed check locations in town. 

And it might not surprise you to learn that four of the top five are mobile speed gun locations. 

Bucks Free Press:

Once again Marlow Hill is top of the list. The long sweeping hill caught out 937 drivers last year - up from just 226 the year before. 

And in second place is the mobile speed gun point in New Road, which caught 381. That's more than five times as many people than last year at this location. 

The third most prolific place was Holmers Farm Way, where 233 drivers were clocked. 

The only fixed speed camera to catch anywhere near that number was on Desborough Avenue, with 222 offences recorded.

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The year before, this camera caught no one at all. 

In fact, fixed speed cameras in High Wycombe registered no speeding offences in 2017, according to the statistics provided by Thames Valley Police via a Freedom Of Information request. 

Police say this is because the fixed cameras have been 'digitally upgraded'.

Below is the breakdown for last year and 2017.

To see the full list of locations in High Wycombe, scroll down. 

High Wycombe only - 400 per cent rise

  • 2017 – 488
  • 2018 – 1991

High Wycombe - Mobile cameras only

  • 2017 – 488
  • 2018 – 1704

High Wycombe - fixed cameras only

  • 2017 – 0
  • 2018 – 287

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