One local student has produced a stunning photography project to raise awareness of mental health; using images to portray issues which are often difficult to put into words.

CJ Cordice, from High Wycombe, created a series of self-portraiture images in response to a brief looking at those experiencing mental illness.

This is the Masters student’s final project as part of his Commercial Photography course at Arts University Bournemouth.

The project brief was: “An individual's mind creates their own perception of reality. Mental health issues can alter this perception and create distortion in the mind. 'Foreign Bodies' explores the links between subconscious thoughts, the mind and the creation of a reality where the body is presented in a manner that disrupts the natural order”

CJ was inspired by surrealism and specifically drew inspiration from artist Gabriel Isak and his use of anonymous bodies in dream-like sequences.

The student, who has dealt with mental health issues, said: “For me the project has been used in a way to relate art to therapy, so I’ve found that it’s helped me with my own mental health in creating these visuals.”

“The project has a lot of value to me and is being used to raise awareness with mental health issues.”

“I think it’s helpful for others to see to a certain extent what individual’s go through, sometimes it’s hard to put into words how people feel but I think these images allow for the audience to read different layers into the series.”

CJ’s work will be exhibited along with the work of others at the Arts University Bournemouth 2019 Summer Show.