The Conservative candidates standing for the May 2020 local election in the Denham Ward have been chosen by the local party.

Paul Bass, Cllr Santokh Chhokar, and Cllr Guy Hollis have been chosen as the three candidates.

They will compete for a place on the new unitary Buckinghamshire council which will form in April next year.

The Denham Ward includes Denham, Fulmer and Gerrards Cross East.

Paul Bass has lived in Denham since 2012. His wife, Seema, is a local GP serving Denham and Iver. After a long career in the Royal Navy, Paul began work with a major British engineering company where he now works.

Santokh Chhokar has lived in Gerrards Cross East for 18 years. He was first elected to South Bucks District Council in 2007 and has served as both Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee and Chairman of the Council.

Guy Hollis has lived locally since 1969. He is currently serving as Vice Chairman of the Audit Committee for the District Council and as a member of a scrutinising committee for the Shadow Unitary Council.

Beaconsfield Constituency Conservative Association comments: “We shall work to make sure that local government works for local residents. To do this we shall work with Denham Parish Council, Fulmer Parish Council and GX Town Council and all local residents to ensure, within all our means, Buckinghamshire Council delivers efficient local and countywide cost effective services.”

“We shall vigorously defend the Green Belt and work to ensure that developments such as the Local Plan fully take into account the interests and concerns of local residents.”