Ahmad Malik has been selected to stand for the Brexit Party in Chesham and Amersham ahead of the next general election.

Mr Malik said he joined the Brexit Party because he feels let down by the main political parties.

Asked how he would describe his politics in three words, Malik said: “Centrist, collaborative, small government”.

He said he is passionate to honour the outcome of 2016 and move swiftly towards Brexit.

“The majority of politicians clearly wish to Remain and their intransigence is not only obvious but is making many people across the country very angry.”

The candidate said his primary concerns at the local level are to stop HS2; preserve the Chiltern greenbelt; adopt sustainable policy and help small-medium sized businesses.

Mr Malik makes the promise to “Stop HS2 in its tracks.”

“Forget tunnels and mitigations, there will be no HS2.”

“The Brexit Party is the only party that has made it clear that it will stop HS2. As a resident of Buckinghamshire and someone who loves the environment, this is something very important to me.”

The candidate is hoping to take on the longstanding Conservative MP, first elected for the Buckinghamshire seat in 1992. She has remained in this seat since.

After describing Gillan as a political careerist and PM Boris Johnson as a political opportunist; the prospective parliamentary candidate says he has been let down by politicians and does not trust any of them.

“People are fed up with both Labour and the Conservative Party. They simply cannot be trusted.”

“The Brexit Party, while clearly standing for Brexit, is ushering in a new type of politics.”

The Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon lives and works in Buckinghamshire – which he claims to be his “main advantage” over Gillan.

Mr Malik comments: “I will never forget how she sold her home in Amersham months before HS2 was given the go-ahead.”

His candidacy for the constituency of Chesham and Amersham was announced last week (August 6). In the 2016 referendum, the constituency voted 55 percent Remain.