A popular High Wycombe pub has lost its outdoor music licence as a result of complaints from residents of the surrounding area.

The Antelope’s licence has been revoked by Wycombe District Council following a number of noise complaints.

The pub has subsequently been forced to cancel the upcoming gigs.

In a statement published on Facebook, The Antelope said: “We’re very sad to announce that there will no longer be live music on The Antelope Stage, therefore all of our upcoming gigs are cancelled.

“Due to a few people in the local area consistently complaining about the noise during our live music events, Wycombe District Council have decided that we can no longer have any outdoor live music.

“Initially, they set us a very low decibel limit that was impossible to keep to, and after we failed to keep to that limit, they told us we couldn’t have bands with a drummer.

“We purchased a drum isolation screen as that would likely keep the noise below the required decibel limit, but they’ve now decided we aren’t allowed any live music at all, despite our efforts.

“Obviously we are very disappointed with this news, given all of the time, money and effort that has gone into our addition to the Wycombe Live Music Scene. We tried everything we could to stop this from happening, but sadly it wasn’t enough.

Thank you to all of the customers who have supported our stage by buying tickets and enjoying the gigs, and of course to all of the talented bands that have performed on The Antelope Stage.”