Police have continued to crack down on dangerous moped riders in Amersham and Little Chalfont, with another rider being issued with a Section 59 warning notice after reports of anti-social use from a local resident.

Speaking on social media, Thames Valley Police said: “We are still working hard to reduce the anti-social use of motorcycles around Amersham and Little Chalfont.

“S59 warning issued to another moped rider after reports from eagle eyed residents.”

Section 59 notices give the police the power to “seize and remove a vehicle, which he or she believes is being driven inconsiderately or carelessly and causing, or is likely to cause, alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public.”

The Police can only seize a vehicle under this provision if they have first warned the driver that the vehicle will be seized if the driving persists.

In response to the tweet, some local residents raised concerns about anti-social riding in other local areas.

Gemma Thomson said: “They also ride their bikes across the footpaths around Raans Farm. They are for pedestrians, not idiots on dirt bikes riding at speed and endangering lives.

“I’ve reported it many times but it’s still happening and it’s still the same idiots.”

Nik Halton said: “They are riding across King George V field regularly. I have reported this in the past, on several occasions.”