More than 100 empty nitrous oxide canisters have been collected by a frustrated High Wycombe resident from the street she lives on in just three weeks.

The metal canisters of nitrous oxide - which is also known as laughing gas - are usually inhaled from balloons.

Known as 'hippie crack', inhaling the gas can leave the user feeling relaxed and euphoric - but can also have fatal consequences.

Hundreds of the discarded canisters, along with the balloons used to inhale the gas with, were found dumped on the ground in Coningsby Road by frustrated resident Angela Hill.

Ms Hill said she has resorted to putting a bucket outside her home to try and stop people from littering the canisters on the ground - but she said she is getting increasingly frustrated at the number she is finding in her road alone.

On Monday, Ms Hill said she collected around 10 of the canisters and on Tuesday she found 24, as well as empty cardboard packaging and an empty balloon pack.

She has urged Wycombe District Council to help, sending 40 councillors a desperate plea, as well as MP Steve Baker.

Ms Hill will also be meeting with a police officer to discuss the problem.

She said: "To collect all of those canisters in three weeks - surely this is an issue or does it happen just on my road? I have placed a bucket outside my house to try to stop litter. The bucket is getting fuller. I care about my road and I will do anything to stop this kind of behaviour. What else can I do?"

A spokesman for Wycombe District Council said the issue is a police matter and they have no remit to act on the problem in Coningsby Road.

After cannabis, nitrous oxide is the second most commonly used recreational drug in England and Wales.

While it does have legitimate uses, nitrous oxide was made illegal for human consumption under the 2016 Psychoactive Substances Act.