Traders and small businesses joined with a Liberal Democrat MEP in Chesham on the weekend to discuss the impact that Brexit may have on businesses in the local area.

Judith Bunting MEP and Head of Policy for the Federation of Small Businesses Sonali Parekh both spoke at the meeting.

Mrs Bunting said to the cross-party meeting: "Being in Europe matters. If you don't believe me, try talking to people whose businesses across this region which are failing because of Brexit.

“Talk to the kids who won't be able to study in Europe. Talk to the man who fought for his country and now cries to think that all we achieved through the second world war, is being thrown away for the sake of ego and politics.

"Lives are being ripped apart by Brexit. It is time for everyone to stand up for the things we believe in and fight for Britain to stay a part of Europe.

“It is time to stand up for security, stand up for your children, stand up for the UK and the country that you love.

Sonali Parekh told the meeting: “A lot of our members are concerned about preparedness within the smaller business community for a potential no deal on 31st October. When we polled last year, only 14% of smaller businesses were prepared for a no-deal scenario.”

“A total of 66% of our members that trade with the EU felt that a no-deal could have a detrimental impact on their short-term business continuity.”

“1 in 5 of our smaller businesses have at least 1 EU member of staff. Since the outcome of the EU referendum, 40% felt that recruitment from the EU had become more challenging.”

“For those of our smaller businesses that have a supply chain that criss-crosses the EU and the UK, they are giving serious consideration to moving more of their operations to the EU.”