The Marlow Rotary Club recently held a successful young carers day in the town.

The event, which took place at the town’s Holy Trinity C of E School, gave young carers the opportunity to have fun in a safe environment.

Those who attended the free event participated in activities such as arts and crafts, plate smashing, bubble making and a kid’s disco.

John Prout of the Marlow Thames club said: “Quite often for the families who turn up, this will be the only time that they go out as a family in the course of the year.

“It is a private event for families with particularly special needs based around caring in the South Bucks area.

“It is a very safe event in that the people who are attending are people who have got the same sort of issues, so they are not competing with the general public.

“We get incredible feedback from the families.”

More than 150 people attended the fun day with marquees in the school field being provided by the charity Lighthouse Marlow.

Lighthouse Marlow is a holiday club for children run by Christians from churches in Bucks.

Lance Slater of the Marlow Rotary Club said: “We have been doing this for a number of years now so it is very well organised, and again the children, young carers and the families just seem to enjoy it from beginning to end.

“Overall, the day went very well, and it was great to see so many people.

"The weather was blustery, but nobody seemed to mind, and it was wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves.”

President of Marlow Thames Rotary Peter Reynolds added: “It is just a great event – we give these families an opportunity to have a great day out – they can relax.”

The next event the Rotary Club of Marlow will be hosting will be their Big Autumn Charity Concert.

It will take place at the All Saints Church on The Causeway on Saturday, October 5.

For more information regarding the Rotary Club’s up and coming events, call 07803 179 911.