There were shouts of “shame on you” from angry campaigners on Monday night as the blueprint for more than 10,000 homes in Wycombe was pushed through by councillors.

Wycombe’s Local Plan – which decides where new homes will be built across the district up until 2033 – was given the green light at a special council meeting on August 19, despite major concerns from campaigners, some of whom who filled the public gallery to watch the debate.

It comes weeks after an independent inspector declared the plan legally sound subject to a few minor modifications.

A total of 10,925 homes will have to be built to meet growing need for housing in the area.

Over half of the 10,925 planned for the district will be in and around High Wycombe, with four reserve sites released for development - Gomm Valley, Terriers Farm and Terriers House, and Abbey Barn North and South.

A number of sites have been released from the green belt to make way for the homes – and Princes Risborough will see a major expansion with more than 2,000 homes planned.

Campaigners from Lane End were furious with the district council’s plans to use land known locally in the village as Golden Guff – which is in the AONB – for just 10 homes.

Cllr Jean Teesdale, who represents residents living in the area, said she was “disgusted” with the way concerns about Golden Guff had been treated and refused to vote in favour of the plan.

She said: “The builder wanted 50 homes on this site but the inspector has said only 10. And so I cannot understand why you should feel it is that important.

“The land will be blighted and people’s homes will be blighted by 10 houses. I simply do not feel that this has been looked at enough. The people in my ward have taken solicitor’s advice and are going to take this all the way.

“As the councillor for the area, and one that absolutely agrees with them, I will not be supporting the Local Plan tonight because there are parts in it that are very flawed.

“I did ask if we could postpone this meeting so we could have a group meeting to discuss this and I was told no.”I have been on this council for over 40 years and I have never known a situation where we have not been able to have a meeting to discuss our concerns and worries.

“I am absolutely disgusted with the way this has been treated and for that reason I simply will not and cannot support this Local Plan.”

In response, planning chief Cllr David Johncock – who has spent five years working on the plan with officers – said: “In terms of the Green Belt, we did a thorough study and the few sites we recommended come out do not perform well in terms of green belt purposes – if you look at most of them, they are surrounded by development already.

“It is certainly better than some other places we could think


Cllr Tony Lee, who represents Bourne End, also raised serious concerns about the plan – and the lack of infrastructure to support the building of hundreds of new homes.

He said: “As a member for Bourne End, which is overpopulated because of Cross Rail and everybody wants to move there, you can’t park in Bourne End during the day and all the side roads are full, you have got the reserve sites at Slate Meadow where we could 200 homes and 400 metres away you’re going to put another 500 houses on Hollands Farm – this means there will be 1,300 more cars on the roads.

“The schools are overflowing, Burnham Secondary School has just closed and they will be transferring all of the people from there into Bourne End.

“I just find it all completely overwhelming that you think you can increase my ward size by 50 per cent and you think the infrastructure is going to be there. The parking isn’t there – you have a problem which is unsolvable. There is nowhere to park these cars.”

And Cllr Ray Farmer, who represents the Ryemead ward, said he has major concerns about the effect the development of both Gomm Valley and Abbey Barn North and South will have on the London Road.

A planning application put in by developers Human + Nature on the Gomm Valley site could see up to 1,000 homes built there if given the go-ahead.

Cllr Farmer said: “The two reserve sites at Gomm Valley and Abbey Barn affect my ward – and people from other wards as they make their way to work and school because London Road is a main artery and it is at busting point.

“Even with the Bucks County Council improvements, it is going to affect everybody. Gomm Valley has gone up to 720 but we have a planning application in for 1,000.

“Now the reason we were desperate to put a plan in was to protect ourselves against developers – so I’m thinking, surely this planning application should not be considered because it is more than what we need. It shouldn’t even be considered.

“We have got to be strong when it comes to the numbers.”

Cllr Johncock said they would be working with the community to secure “quality development” – including near major sites like Hollands Farm in Bourne End and Amersham Road in Hazlemere.

The plan was given the green light by the majority of councillors – despite opposition from the public gallery. After the plan was given the go-ahead, Cllr Johncock said: “The Local Plan means that we can manage developments in a way that we find acceptable.

“It will mean that we can manage not only what is built, but also where it can be built. It puts us in charge of our future rather than speculative developers.

“Yes, there are some local residents still not happy with the outcome but I believe that we found a fair and justifiable compromise solution to our needs for housing and the Inspector largely agreed that view.”