A recent Thames Valley Police letter has outlined their objection to the planning application for a new £150 million Motorway Service Area (MSA) near Chalfont St Peter.

This has come after residents have kicked back against the proposed plans to build a service station between junctions 16 and 17 of the M25.

Located just east of Chalfont St Peter, the site is close to the M25 exit for Denham/Maple Cross.

Extra Motorway Services development proposal features a hotel, a petrol station, electric vehicle charging point and a building containing 12 retail and restaurants units on the 147 acre site.

Thames Valley Police were consulted as part of the planning application procedure and their response expresses concern surrounding the impact of the MSA on police resources and the safety of staff and customers.

In their published letter, Thames Valley Police said: “Taking into consideration the likely impact on police resources, response times and more importantly the safety and security of future MSA staff and service users, I do not believe that it meets the requirements of ‘The National Planning Policy Framework’ and therefore must object to this application.”

They further justify their objection by suggesting that lessons can be learned from the nearby motorway services at Beaconsfield.

In their letter, Thames Valley Police comment: “Beaconsfield Services at Junction 2 of the M40 produces a high level of demand on police resourcing and currently representing one of the biggest crime hotspots for the Local Policing Area.”

“Calls for service are varied relating to crime, anti-social behaviour and fear for personal welfare, relatively few in comparison relate to road traffic offences or incidents.”

“As the proposal for this development includes similar facilities it is not unreasonable to expect a comparable level of demand or crime type to be associated with this new development”

Concerns among local residents have been mounting regarding the impact of the development on the local community and the greenbelt area, where the site is situated.

Angry resident, Nicola Obertelli describes the proposal as "completely nonsensical". She said: “It’s an unnecessary loss of a huge area of greenbelt countryside.

“There is a real danger that this stretch of the motorway, already congested with queuing from Maple Cross to the M40, will be unable to cope.”

Another resident, Anne Weihs has expressed concern regarding the development’s impact on local school, Roberstwood Primary.

She said: “The Chalfont St Peter application site backs onto Robertswood School bringing pollution and congestion into the area.

“How can we possibly justify building a Motorway Service Area (MSA) at the rear of a school?"

Anne worries that, despite assurances that there will no access to the site from the residential area of Chalfont St Peter, the capacity of the nearby roads is at breaking point.

She said: “Residents are being hoodwinked into believing there will be no rear access to the heavily congested area of Denham Lane and Joiners Lane.”

“Capacity of the roads at the rear of the site are at breaking point, particularly around school times.”

The same developer owns nearby MSA sites in Beaconsfield (J2) on the M40 and in Cobham (J9/10) on the M25.

In light of this, Anne Weih commented: “Bucks County have given up land for the very same facilities in the Beaconsfield area. Why should the same facilities be provided a mere 6 miles away?”

The target date for the council decision is November 1, 2019.

The site is within green belt. Developers have said that they aim to negate the impact the new service station will have on the land by installing a green roof design, amongst other features.

In the proposals, the developers said: “A primary consideration of the design was the merging of the buildings in the surrounding landscape.

“The recent developments in green roof design not only permit a high level of thermal dampening, but also by their nature provide a haven for flora and fauna.”

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