Chesham Town Council have released their response to the Local Plan consultation, raising ‘severe reservations’ about particular areas of the proposals.

In a statement released online, the council have outlined a number area of concerns about the divisive plans. The council did, however, confirm that they are ‘not objecting to the Local Plan as a whole’.

Firstly, the council questioned the decision to earmark a large Green Belt site for development as opposed to higher density housing in line with the Chesham Masterplan. In addition, the Chesham Masterplan has a vision of having key economic sites located on the periphery of the town.

Chesham town council claim that the Local Plan would see these sites remain located in the town centre.

Secondly, the council blasted the ‘inadequate’ car parking provision in the town centre. Concerns that this will ‘damage the sustainability of the high street, made worse by the proposed removal of existing car parks’. Concerns were also raised that the retail allocation for Star Yard car park would not come forward.

Water supply and the potential impact of flooding was also criticised by the council. They claim that the Local Plan policy for sustainable drainage is a ‘weak policy’ which will ‘fail to protect Chesham from flooding and pollution’.

Chesham town council also claim that there has been inadequate planning for the increased demand for wastewater services. The statement also highlighted concerns that ‘the fact that the Sustainability Appraisal identifies that the Local Plan will reduce local water quality and increase pressure on water resources.’

Other concerns raised in the response relate to the impact that the proposed areas of development would have on the town’s air quality.