Dog owners have expressed their anger after the Hazlemere Fete proceeded with their annual dog show on Bank Holiday Monday, despite high temperatures.

With the weather reaching 29°C, the popular fete cancelled their annual dog agility contest and pony rides due to the animal's welfare, but allowed the dog show to continue.

The fete, which takes place at the village’s community centre, saw the dogs go for a walk in front of a group of judges before being critiqued on several elements.

Hundreds of people shared their fury on Facebook with one user saying: “Even breeds that are used to temperatures such as this weekend are struggling.

“I cannot believe someone with such stupidity would allow this to still take place.

“This isn’t just a nice, warm, sunny day. Dogs can’t sweat like we do.

“I am astounded, and I really pray no one is cruel enough to attend their dog for a fun dog show.”

Another said: “No dogs should be expected to attend this event, leave them at home. I’d rather go back home to a live, happy dog than a sick or dead dog, all for the sake of maybe winning a rosette.

Another frustrated user added: “I’ve been a vet nurse for 28 years. If you’ve ever seen a dog with heatstroke, you wouldn’t and shouldn’t be bringing you dog.

“I know it’s in the shade but with a fur coat on, it’s highly dangerous. It’s a real shame. Hopefully, it can be done at a different show.”

Figures released by the British Veterinary Association revealed that 2018 saw an increase of emergency calls being made to the RSPCA, after several dogs were left trapped in vehicles on hot days.

This was a five per cent increase from 2017 and a 15 per cent increase from 2016.

But the fete’s chairman, Ray Cox, believes the dogs who took part in the competition were the responsibility of the dog owners and not the fete organisers.

He told the Bucks Free Press: “The dog show took place in a shaded area, we had a number of gazebos and there was plenty of water for the dogs to drink, so the dogs were protected.

“With temperatures of around 30°C, it was down to the dog owners to bring their dogs for them to take part, not us.

“I spoke to a number of people who had their dogs at the fete and took part in the show, and they showed no objection.

“From what we saw, there were no dogs in distress and everybody we saw was enjoying themselves.”

We have also contacted the RSPCA for a comment.