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My response to incorrect claims in letter

RE: ‘Is this why Dominic Grieve wants to block Brexit?’

I was astonished to read in your newspaper today, a letter from a Mr Goodwin giving his reasons why he considers that I am opposed to Brexit. The content is substantially untrue.

I have never received £90,000 or any subsidy from the EU on any land anywhere or for any other purpose.

I have no property investment in Portugal and I have never received any donations from German businesses.

As for the rest of the letter it says a lot about Mr Goodwin’s obsessions.

I am indeed President of the Franco-British Society. It has been going for one hundred years and it’s patron is HM The Queen.

I have a holiday home in France. Apart from this, my life has been spent entirely in the UK.

I spent at least eleven years of my education in English schools. I am grateful to the infant classes at the French Lycee for making me conversant in that language and therefore able to give interviews when requested in French.

My mother was born in Wimbledon in 1916. Her father was a French Army officer who having been seriously wounded was doing a liaison role with UK forces. She was a UK national from birth and her career was as a British Civil Servant.

Dominic Grieve, MP for Beaconsfield

Why are my emails being ignored?

Most BFP readers will know that next year Wycombe District and Bucks County Councils disappear to be replaced by the new Unitary Authority, Buckinghamshire Council.

Losing the middle District tier of local Government, between County and Parish Councils, may be a cost saving exercise, but it may prove to be a step too far.

To emphasise my point, I emailed Cllr Bill Chapple (Bucks CC Cabinet member for Planning and Environment) on the 7th and again on the 28th of June to enquire whether Bucks County Council was planning to declare a climate change emergency. I did not receive a response to either email.

With very little publicity, a debate took place in Aylesbury on the 25th of July. This live video debate was arranged to answer questions on the priorities of Buckinghamshire Council Unitary Authority. Questions could be submitted at the meeting, or by correspondence. I submitted a question by email on the 24th, asking if Marlow Town Council would have more powers devolved to it in 2020? My email was acknowledged by the Unitary Comms Mailbox (UCM). The live video transmission only took questions from those present in the room. As my question (and presumably others) was not put to the meeting, I emailed UCM on the 26th to enquire why this was so? I received no response.

Cllr Tett (Leader) had chaired the debate, so on the 2nd and again on the 20th of August I emailed him asking him to affirm that residents' queries would be answered by the new Buckinghamshire Council. Again no replies have been received (so far).

So, five emailed questions/enquiries have been ignored by the current Bucks County Council. What are the chances that the new Buckinghamshire Council will be any better?

John Laker, Marlow

Thank you for your efforts on 80th anniversary

Next Tuesday will be 80 years to the day since World War II began. Ten years ago the Bucks Free Press published a letter of mine marking the 70th anniversary. A year earlier my father – one of a dwindling band of veterans of the first British victory at El Alamein - had died of old age and my letter was as much a lament for the passing of time for all of us, as a commemoration of the start of the War. Editor Steve Cohen and I discussed it over the phone and he suggested some improvements. I had intended the letter to be a final remark about the anniversary, but I would like to offer it again to the BFP slightly updated.

When I was a child the world we lived in was the result of World War II. My parents’ generation had all lived through, or participated in it, and would say ‘Sunday the third of September 1939 – the day war broke out’ in a far-off way they said no other date.

The Second World War is sometimes said to be just in a way no other war was. The American journalist Tom Brokaw wrote a book called ‘The Greatest Generation’ to describe the American men and women who grew up during the Great Depression, and went on to fight in World War II, or achieve productivity at home that made victory possible.

If this is true of America’s veterans then it must apply with greater force to our own ones, who fought for over two years until the United States entered the war, while our country was a beacon for people of all kinds who wished to fight Nazi Germany.

I realise many servicemen had no choice about accepting the unpleasantness and danger of serving in the war and would have far preferred to live productive civilian lives in a world at peace, however they did participate, and fought against what turned out to be evil things therefore I hope they will not mind if, on the anniversary of that extraordinary day I thank them for their participation in the Second World War.

This expression of thanks applies to veterans from the former British Empire who are brown or black – these people are sometimes forgotten in what the British white majority – to which I belong – has come to regard as a white persons’ war.

I believe I speak for millions when I say, whoever you are, if you participated in the war, then thank you for your efforts all those years ago.

Lawrence Linehan, Wooburn Green

No surprise that campaigners are angry

There can be no surprise that angry local campaigners shouted “shame on you” at the August 19 meeting of Wycombe District Council, when the council choose to adopt the Local Plan (‘Blueprint for 10,000 new homes’, BFP August 23).

There was no need for this plan to be adopted at all, other than political expediency. The leadership of the ruling group decided this was policy so the group councillors duly followed instructions. Local opinion does not matter.

It was not necessary for this council to make any decision on this matter at this time. All that was needed was for the council to thank Penny Tollitt and the team in planning and sustainability for all their hard work on the document over the years.

Then the council could have agreed that the plan needed detailed further consideration in view of the changed circumstances, and agreed to put it on hold.

So what are the changed circumstances? WDC ceases to exist on March 30, 2020, before any serious action can be taken on any of these major projects. WDC’s legal responsibilities get taken over by the new unified Bucks Authority along with all the assets, debts and contracts of WDC.

The report from the inspector’s report should be bundled up with the plan and sent off to Cllr Martin Tett at Aylesbury with the message ‘you sort it out’.

Councillors, the end is only seven months away, so stop wasting time!

Andrew Barrow, Hazlemere

‘Needless vandalism to our green spaces’

Thank you BFP and readers for keeping us informed on Local Plan issues. Why are the majority of our councillors so determined to build on green belt and green space and create traffic congestion two to four times worse than now, when their constitution says they should act to represent constituents and promote the interests of the community?

The South Bucks Plan’s traffic assessment says the A40 is to have congestion four times worse, and all towns will be significantly worse as will motorway access. Did Wycombe councillors know this when they approved the Local Plan last week?

The increase in dangerous air pollution will be horrendous from this, plus the 50 per cent increase in Heathrow flights from 2026.

Why are housing target numbers 39 per cent more than specified “local need”? As your letters column testifies: Motorway Service Station at Chalfont St Peter, housing at Gomm Valley, Terriers, Penn, Jordans, Bourne End, Amersham, Chesham, Beaconsfield, our councillors, due to be reorganised into a Bucks Unitary Authority next April, are acting against constituents’ and the community’s interest.

Bucks County Council in its submission says there is sufficient non-green belt land in Bucks for its housing needs, so the local plans should be referred to the new Unitary Authority to take a Bucks-wide view.

We really need to be careful who we vote for next April. The various campaign groups have done very well in highlighting the issues but we all need to come together right now and use the law to stop this needless vandalism by elected councillors.

Dennis Elsey, Beaconsfield

We need more MPs like Dominic Grieve

RE: ‘Is this why Dominic Grieve wants to block Brexit?’

Fact: Dominic Grieve MP campaigned against leaving the EU before the ill-judged Referendum. His French connections probably removed the blinkers from his eyes in regard to the largest humiliating national disaster about to be perpetrated by the delusional Johnson and his cronies, clearly confirmed by the leaked Yellowhammer papers.

As we become an isolated little island off the coast of Europe, with no influence, no power and reliant on the handouts of Donald Trump.

Oh, if only we had a lot more Dominic Grieves.

Michael Leslie, Seer Green

The EU recognises the character of nations

Laurance Reed (July 5) feels the European Union should protect the "distinctive character of the nations that make up the Union".

Respecting the history, cultures and traditions of the member countries is mentioned in the preamble of the 2007 Lisbon Treaty.

The non-profit book "In Limbo", compiled by Elena Remigi, says the "immense value of cultural exchange" is a benefit of free movement.

Plovdiv in Bulgaria, and Matera in Italy, have won the title of 'European Capital of Culture' this year.

There is the Creative Europe arts and culture programme. Copyright protections. Protected Designation of Origin food labels. The Natura 2000 wildlife support programme. The Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive.

Ireland has a fast food chain called Supermac's. In a trademark dispute between McDonalds and Supermac's, the EU's Intellectual Property Office sided with Supermac's, at least in part.

Supermac's said the decision is "an indication of how important the European institutions are to help protect businesses that are trying to compete against faceless multinationals".

Phil Jones, member, European Movement UK, High Wycombe