Traffic lights at a Cressex Road junction WERE out when two drivers smashed into each other on Saturday morning - because another driver had crashed into them the night before. 

Emergency services descended on the Cressex Road and Cressex Link junction on Saturday morning - and then again on Sunday night because of two separate crashes. 

Eyewitnesses said at the time of the crashes, the traffic lights at the junction were out - and Transport for Bucks has confirmed this was the case. 

On Friday night, a driver had crashed at the junction - damaging the traffic lights - and Thames Valley Police warned those using the road to "be careful". 

Deputy leader and cabinet member for transportation at Bucks County Council Mark Shaw said: “The traffic lights were only out because they had been damaged by a vehicle the previous night.

“TfB installed signs warning that the signals were not working and then a temporary set of four-way lights as quickly as they could.

"As with any unexpected situation like this, we would always ask motorists to take extra care to keep themselves and others safe and remember to always follow the highway code.”

Two people were injured when two cars crashed into each other at around 9.30am on Saturday morning and all emergency services attended. 

Firefighters from High Wycombe attended and helped give first aid as well as making the scene safe.

On Sunday evening at around 7.30pm the emergency services were back - when two cars crashed into each but this time no one was injured.