The Brexit Party has selected Andrew Bell as their prospective parliamentary candidate to contest for the Buckingham constituency in the next general election – standing against current MP and Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt Hon John Bercow.

Mr Bell, who chairs two mineral exploration and mining firms, grew up in Buckinghamshire - having 13 years of education in the county whilst his father acted as a Bucks MP for 32 years. He has since raised his own family in the area.

In a statement released online, the candidate stated he is running for the position of MP to 'give something back to the electors of Buckinghamshire' and to honour his 'duty' in playing a bit role in delivering the verdict of 2016’s EU Referendum.

“A Scottish novelist once wrote that we can best pay our debt to the past by putting the future in debt to ourselves. I want to pass on to future generations, and pass on untarnished, that inheritance which is unique to these islands: an 1100 year history of conscious nationhood, of self-rule, and of a government where the ruler is limited and must act by advice and consent.

“Everything we have of virtue within our system, and everything we have given to the world, rests on this foundation.

“And its continuance requires the verdict of the Referendum to be carried out.

“It is in that cause that I stand, and I believe that Buckingham deserves an MP that will bend his entire sinew and will to making a success of our decision to become an independent nation once again.”

The father of three also claimed he joined the Brexit Party to continue to build on their principled stand against the construction of the Southern stage of the imminent HS2 railway.

He said: “Let me be clear: HS2 is a project that cannot be improved or altered; it must be buried with a stake through its heart so that it can never rise again, and the money spent elsewhere.

No Government that denies this will have my vote on any matter whatever, barring Brexit itself.”

His candidacy was announced this week, with current Buckingham MP John Bercow holding the position since 1997.