Diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of ovarian cancer in January 2017, 27-year-old Suzie Aries from Princes Risborough is making a desperate plea for dontaions which will go towards a potentially life-saving drug.

Suzie has endured six cycles of chemotharpy, three rounds of surgery and a drugs trial which she recently became resistant to and is currently undergoing radiotherapy, which has resulted in her losing her fertility, but she is ‘determined to live’.

Before her diagnosis Suzie was performing theatre productions on cruise ships and across the UK after graduating from the Italia Conti Academy.

She also met her boyfriend Karl just a month before her diagnosis.

Speaking of him, Suzie said: “One might expect a new boyfriend to run a mile when they hear that there’s serious trouble about to kick off, but we’ve now been together for over two years and he’s supported me through this whole journey.”

As Suzie has always loved sport and fitness, in periods of better health she has continued to play for Wycombe Hockey Club, who have shown nothing but support towards Suzie. 

A member of the club for 10 years, the 27-year-old, has taken part in a several challenges to raise money for The Princess Trust, a charity close to her heart.

These challenges included the Prudential Ride 100 and the London Marathon.

She has also put her passion for singing and theatre to good use in a one-woman show which raised £15,000 for the charity.

Suzie's mum, Pauline Aries, said: “Every time we’re told the treatment hasn’t worked it’s a horrible moment to be in.

“The year and a half clinical trial seemed to be working for us to be told there was a small tumour again and as parents your totally helpless and you just want to fix it.”

She added: “We’re all living much more for today. When opportunities arise, I say yes more and so does Suzie.

“We went away to Australia as a family last year for a month and thought sod the money, let’s do it, and have the family time together.

“For Suzie’s birthday she asked for experiences instead of presents, so her and Karl her partner did the lovers leap bungee jump in London.”

Despite all the obstacles that have been thrown at Suzie, she is trying to remain positive and is planning to take part in the 3 Peaks Challenge and a Triathlon in the near future.

Because of the rarity of Suzie’s tumour an immunotherapy drug is her last hope.

The drug has worked for other woman with the same tumour, but it is only available privately and comes at a large cost.

Suzie and her family have launched a GoFundMe page to try and raise the £250,000 needed to supply this drug and give her a chance at beating the cancer.

She said: “I am desperate to get on with trying immunotherapy to allow me the chance to continue to live, sing, run and dance my way through life.

“Any donation will be very, very gratefully received. If I can find enough people who are willing to donate the cost of what they’d spend on a coffee, a sandwich or even a Friday beer in the pub, I’d have enough to pay for my treatment.

“Even if you can’t afford to donate (I have been a struggling actress in the past, so I totally understand) just sharing the story on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or with your friends would help me hugely.”

Suzie’s Mum also spoke about how much the kind words and donations mean: “Social media has been amazing, and the response has kept her going.

“Seeing people give what they can and sending their best messages, it can make you weep sometimes. Everyone likes to complain that there’s so many bad people in the world, but this shows there’s a lot of good out there.”

To donate and read more about Suzie's story, click here