CELEBRITY Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, September 7:


Family arrangements are up and down. You aren’t sure how some plans will go. If you don’t feel attached to a particular outcome it will be easier to adapt. Try to relax as even an unexpected turn of events could work in your favour. Good news travels fast and you might hear of an exciting travel opportunity. This would be like a dream come true for you and it will make your life more exciting.


You’re a lot more imaginative than you realise. This would be a great time to launch a project that draws on your creative skills. Friends and family will benefit through going along with your ideas as no one will come up with a better one. Approach a partnership issue in a way that inspires confidence. You will jump to the defence of anyone who you think is wronged. This will be the first step towards rectifying an injustice.


Your conscience will nudge you to give more time to a relationship that needs it. Even if you resent this slightly, it’s the best way to avoid future misunderstandings. Every friendship involved compromise. A number of areas in your life are in a state of flux and it might feel as if nothing comes very easily. More effort than expected will be called for to achieve your goals. Persevere and you will get there.


Someone seems to feel you have let them down and this hurts you. A chance remark may trigger a series of deep discussions. Although this will make you emotional, it also poses a good opportunity to mend broken fences. You’re tempted to go on to other things when some jobs are only half complete. Is this wise? Either you will have to return to them in the future or you are leaving it to others to finish the work which doesn’t seem fair.


Things always seem darkest before dawn. Worrying is a waste of your time and energy. You know this but it isn’t easy to silence your thoughts. Try talking things over with someone you trust. Anxieties that have been weighing on your mind will start to ease. In business, your intuition will be a key factor in this week’s successes. An unexpected offer will come your way and it will be good to know life still holds pleasant surprises.


A youngster in the family has done something wrong and it’s important for them to take the consequences of their mistakes. Don’t follow an instinct to make it easy for them. As difficult as it can be for you, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Messages cause confusion. Something has been misheard or misinterpreted and you may have to use your charm as well as some patience to circumvent an argument.


An unreliable friend or neighbour is reaping havoc with your life. Allow for a degree of inconvenience when demands from outside knock your private plans for six. You won’t be too happy about rearrangements being made but neither will you let it get you down. An old friend will find you on a social networking site. It might seem like a good idea to get together to discuss old times. This will be a pleasant trip down Memory Lane.


Be prepared for a change in career affairs. Much to your surprise, you will hit it off with a new boss or manager. Colleagues will grumble when new routines are implemented but you will find it easy to keep an upbeat mood going around you. An opportunity to travel will fall into your lap and you won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Someone will want to tag along for the ride and this could lead to the two of you making a romantic commitment.


Avoid impulsive actions and decisions as jumping into anything feet first will be regretted. Pause and give yourself time to think about it to avoid future disappointment. People will try your patience. If someone makes a comment that makes your temperature rise, count to ten before reacting. A close relationship is unpredictable and it may be necessary to give more time to family matters if you hope to reduce misunderstandings.


Speaking out at the wrong moment could lead to an argument. Getting too irate over an issue might lose you a good opportunity. That’s why it’s important, no matter what and who you are dealing with, to control your emotions. If you’re puzzled about a situation that has been causing a lot of problems, it is possible you are missing what is obvious. As you will discover later in the week, the answer has been staring you in the face.


You are driven to help someone fulfil their potential. The reason you’re trying to persuade a colleague or young relative into something is because you know them better than themselves. With your support and guidance, they will accomplish something they never expected they’d ever be able to do. Friendships are fun. You are a highly sociable person and people you are mixing with are compatible. It will be a joy to benefit from such rapport and understanding.


A friend can’t seem to let bygones be bygones. They keep bringing up matters of the past you would rather forget about. If you don’t want to be constantly reminded of a painful incident, the only solution will be to avoid this person. Quiet pursuits will bring a welcome balance to your life. Communing with nature, reading or listening to music can be relaxing and a good way to recharge your emotional batteries. A spiritual experience is enlightening.