Last week’s column featured a few memories of World War Two in Marlow, and the picture of the local Observer Corps included Angus Wellicome in the line-up.

That has prompted a few views of the garage that he ran for many decades in the High Street, in the building that was later rebuilt and became W.H.Smith.

Even back in the 1800s these premises had been in the transport business, and, before the age of the motor car, Warner & Drye were carriage makers, the first picture showing an impressive horse-drawn example of their work. From the second picture, circa 1912, we gather that Mr Warner had departed, and Charles Drye had adapted to the changing times selling and servicing motor cars and providing petrol, although in those days it was termed “motor spirit”.

The third picture, from the 1930s, shows that he had expanded his window space and branched into radio equipment as well.

A trilby-hatted potential customer is inspecting the display.

Into the 1940s, and Angus Wellicome (inset is last week’s picture) had taken over the business. Both pictures on this line look to be from a similar period, but the second one is interesting for a view in the foreground of a Morgan’s delivery van.

This was the long established two-floored departmental store just opposite, now replaced by Repertoire and Barclays Bank. Next to the garage was Barksfield’s provision stores.

On the bottom line, pictures from the 1960s and 70s show the business providing Shell petrol and having a sideline of vintage vehicles. Next door, Barksfield’s had become Gough Brothers wine merchants.

Petrol was served through a pipe system that was extended out above the pavement.

Angus also had another garage in Station Road, the premises now occupied by Hunts’ Hardware, and a section of former petrol pipes can still be seen by the doorway.

He also opened a branch at Cookham Dean specialising in sports cars.

The Wellicome family home was along the opposite side of Station Road, just past Mill Road, with a yard and more garage sheds behind. This house has since been rebuilt.

Finally an advert from a 1940s guide book and a small view of the current W.H.Smith store. Of course there used to be another and larger garage and car showrooms further down the High Street, and I will find a few pictures of Currall’s another time.

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