A resident from Wooburn Green has expressed her concern after motorists have parked their cars dangerously near a blind bend.

The woman, who would like to remain anonymous, told the Bucks Free Press that she is worried for drivers emerging from Barleyfields and Moorside, after a huge volume of cars, vans and occasionally buses have stopped near the junctions.

Therefore, making it difficult for emerging cars to appear from the junction safely.

She said: “I have seen cars leave both junctions so slowly because they can’t see what is around the corner.

“Some cars have even crept to the other side of the road because they cannot see around the corner.

“It’s very concerning because there are a lot of children who live around here and there is a children’s park here too.

“Kids play a lot of ball games here and I’ve seen them go between the cars to get their balls back on the road.

“There is a blind bend near the park and on top of the cars that are there, it is incredibly scary to think the worst because you can’t see around the bend and with the cars that are currently parked there, a driver won’t see the children until late.

“It’s a horrible thought but it could happen, as there are too many cars parked on the road.”

Following the sudden of influx of cars, the anonymous woman contacted Transport for Buckinghamshire to reveal her concerns.

However, after expressing her displeasure of the rogue parking on and near the junction, TfB responded with the following statement: “Thank you for your report.

“We have fully investigated your report, however, we have been unable to identify the issue.”

This came after the woman supplied photographic evidence.

She then added: “Even if they were to put double yellow lines on the road, it would make things a lot better because that way, people would be able to see out both junctions safely and they won’t have to go onto the other side of the road to get out.

“Also, it would make it safer for the children who will play near the park.”

We have contacted Transport for Buckinghamshire for a comment.