Bucks Free Press readers have reacted following a church leader's displeasure of the Wycombe Swan’s showing of the Rocky Horror Show.

Pastor Peter Simpson, who is the minister of Penn Free Methodist Church, handed in a letter of protest to the theatre's management  as he described the show as, ‘vulgar and immoral’.

He also added: “What kind of wholesome fare is going to be served up by a show containing lyrics such as, ‘I’ll get you a satanic mechanic, I’m just a sweet transvestite’?

“A show featuring transvestism will inevitably be contemptuous of Christian morality. Cross-dressing is condemned in the bible.”

But after our original article of the news was published, BFP readers have shared their views on Facebook regarding Mr Simpson’s argument.

One user said: “Of course its vulgar and immoral. That’s the point. If he doesn’t like vulgarity and immorality this isn’t the show for him.

Another added: “His views do NOT represent the views of most Christians. Doesn't the world have much bigger issues that he ought to be focusing on? I think he'd be happier joining the Westboro Baptist church. They're his kind of people.

“Get a sense of humour! There are worse things happening in the real world than this show (which is fab)!

Another said: “The RHS has been a cult show for years! Harmless fun! I have seen many shows sadly not able to see this one!... I bet he likes Nicholas Parsons!

One added: “I bet he secretly loves putting a pair of heels on when he gets home.”

The Rocky Horror Show will be at the Wycombe Swan until Saturday, September 14.

“Another added: “I've literally just bought tickets to this because I saw it was on through this article.... I'm so excited... but I think his intentions may have backfired.”