Businesses, clubs, and schools across Chalfont and Gerrards Cross have put together donation baskets and displays in aid of Fuel Defend Global Ltd, a charity which sends clothes and toys to people in Botswana who are struggling due to severe droughts.

The charity based in Chalfont St Peter above the Co-op asked the shop if they would erect a display and basket asking the public for donations.

Within 24 hours the basket was full, and now St Josephs Catholic School, Fit house, and Chalfont St Peter Cricket Club have also provided baskets for the members and public to donate to.

Fuel Defend Ltd specifically helps the small village Khwai which has a population of roughly 500.

The people there struggle with animal attacks, obtaining clean water, and getting an education as well as many of the people in the village suffering with aids.

A recent drought has made their already bleak situation much worse which is why the charity is urging the people of Chalfont and Gerrards Cross to help.

CEO of the charity, Russel Fowler, said: “Dipak (Co-op store manager) and his team have been superb. We couldn’t have expected this level of help and this reaction.”

The charity is especially looking for donations of any clothes and toys as they have a new pre-school opening soon.

Marie Ramsden of the Naletsana Charity based in Khwai said: “The villagers are delighted and can’t wait for delivery of the container at the end of the year.

“It’ll form a core part of our ‘Donations for Achievements Campaign’, whereby we reward villagers for contributing to the community or learning new skills.”