Protesters will be making their way to Beaconsfield new town this Friday to coincide with the global climate strikes happening across the world.

Parents for Future Beaconsfield have arranged to meet at 11:00am on September 20 to demand climate justice and a better future for generations to come.

The group is made up of parents and guardians who support the youth in their vision for a safe climate future as the generations yet to come will be the ones who will suffer due to climate change.

They’re also encouraging children and younger people to join them and have ensured them they will be supported.

This follows Amnesty International’s Secretary General, Kumi Naidoo, writing to 30,000 headteachers globally urging them to allow children to leave school to protest for the global climate strikes which have been organised internationally.

He said: “The climate emergency is the defining human rights issue for this generation of children.

“When it has fallen on young people to show the leadership that many adults who hold great positions of power have failed to, it is not young people’s behaviour we should be questioning. It is ours.”

Many large companies such as the Co-op, Lush, and The Body Shop are all allowing employees to strike.

As well as getting involved in the strike, Parents for Future are also asking schools to implement various initiatives such as stopping the use of plastic in canteens and offering a plant-based meal every day.

The group said: “The science has been clear for many decades and our generation has failed in its duty to the next.

“As parents, we feel this keenly; we’re not only distraught at finding out the near-term scientific analysis of our fate but embarrassed on behalf our entire generation.

“We need to step up now to let the children do what we ourselves should have done and say, ‘enough is enough’.”

Similar protests were previously held in Marlow by climate action group Extinction Rebellion who were campaigning against fossil fuel financing.