"Reckless" arsonists have been slammed for setting a fire in woodland at an important wildlife site in High Wycombe.

Signage in Keep Hill Wood was set ablaze on Tuesday afternoon - and the damage will cost Chiltern Rangers more than £350 to repair.

Chiltern Rangers is a social enterprise that works with the community to manage and look after the important woodlands, commons, ponds and chalk streams in the Chilterns area - and much of the work is undertaken by a raft of dedicated volunteers.

In May 2011, Keep Hill Wood was declared a Local Wildlife Site in recognition of its value for wildlife.

Keep Hill Wood boasts an array of wildlife, including at least two badger setts, Chiltern speciality, the nationally scarce coral-root bittercress, wild carrot, oyster fungi, deer and wild parsnip and is popular with walkers.

Chiltern Rangers said they had been left "properly annoyed" by the irresponsible actions.

On social media they said: "Reckless vandalism, well arson actually. Keep Hill Wood in High Wycombe on the receiving end. Luckily the nearby mature hazel stools didn’t catch alight.

"This will cost us over £350 to replace and install but the money is secondary. What possesses people?

"Thanks to local residents for the first photo and letting us know so quickly."