A NEW study of 14 cities and towns across the UK has looked at the best place to do your weekly food shop and where various produce is the most expensive.

It was revealed that High Wycombe is the second most expensive place, just behind London to do your weekly shop out of the towns analysed.

On average families in Wycombe will spend £2,684 a year compared to families in Aylesbury spending £2,311 yearly, a difference of over £300.

As more people turn to a plant-based diet the study showed which location is the cheapest for a vegan food shop for one.

High Wycombe again came second on the list after London, with vegans averagely spending £11.26 on a food shop for themselves.

As well as looking at a general food shop the study also analysed individual food essentials such as milk and bread, which Wycombe either came first or second in the categories, and beef prices in Wycombe showed to be more expensive than those in London.

Cities such as Liverpool and Birmingham came at the bottom of the results, meaning the residents were saving over £650 on their yearly shop compared to those who live in London.

The study was carried out by Compare My Mobile.