Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge along with Sorbon Estates have praised the long-term strategy for Marlow.

In an event hosted at the Butcher’s Tap on Friday, September 13, several people from the town, which included representatives from local and national businesses, expressed their plans for Marlow’s future.

The chef said: “Marlow is one of the most incredibly friendly and community spirited towns you could come across.

“It is full of individuals that come together to create one of the most attractive places to live in the UK.

"However, to keep it this way it is essential to hold a long-term view.

“The success of our businesses is down to my team’s relationships with the community, and the community’s support of my teams.”

This comes after Sorbon Estates gave businesses such as The Zero Option, FourState, Rosie Cheeks and Winser London the opportunity to open up shops in Marlow

Tom then added: “Sorbon Estates’s strategy looks to leverage this cohesion by working with local and national businesses, both in Marlow and new to Marlow, as well as other stakeholders for the overall benefit of the town.

“A good mix of retail and dining gives a town is worth more than the sum of its parts, and that is clearly what Sorbon Estates understands with its strategy for Marlow.”