CELEBRITY Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, September 21:


It’s not often you have time to yourself. Someone will volunteer to take over some of your responsibilities and this will take a huge weight off your shoulders. At last you have a chance to take a break and indulge in a little harmless daydreaming. A partner is willing to talk about subjects they’ve been avoiding in the past. You’re both working hard to make this relationship work and this helps you get things between you onto a better footing.


Relationships are happy and harmonious. There is a natural affinity between you and a team you are working with. With everyone coming together to work towards a mutual goal, this makes you all more positive and productive. Friendship can escalate into an intense bonding. Are you singe? Someone with an earthy sense of humour will strike up a conversation with you. You will have a lot in common and the two of you will make a great couple.


Keep your options open and avoid making commitments you might later regret. Something new and exciting is now brewing in your life. Stay alert for an opportunity to advance your personal aims. This may mean venturing into a new direction but you will find it stimulating and exciting. A degree of flexibility is also called for in business and finance. A money issue will be the cause of some conflict. Having to look after your own interests will keep you on your toes.


You’re impatient to see results. Acting prematurely out of an urge to get things moving could lead to later problems. You may need to apologise to someone for having jumped to the wrong conclusion. A sense of humour will help cover any embarrassment. Being able to laugh at yourself is an admirable quality. Domestic obligations will need your attention later. There is stability in a changing world and this lies within your home. Be sure to keep family relationships harmonious.


You would do anything to get your life back to normal after some disturbance and disruptions. This is easier said than done. A Virgo relative might offer some practical advice or assistance. The only way to get a tedious task over with will be to keep at it and maintain a steady pace. Encourage those who work with you to do the same. Good news on Friday will confirm things are starting to go your way.


A colleague or neighbour you had thought would keep a promise will change their mind. You aren’t the only one they have disappointed but you do seem to be the only person who can set a difficult matter to rights. People are looking to you for leadership and guidance. You have some big expenses on the horizon. Try to live within your means and budget. This may mean you will have to be a little more conservative.


People whose support you were relying on may remain silent. You are starting to find out who your true friends are. Your boss wants everything done yesterday. A newly made friend won’t leave you alone. A demanding relative claims you are never there for them which you know isn’t true. As a Libran you can be too friendly for your own good. If someone is taking advantage, nip this in the bud now.


Distracting background noise makes it hard for you to concentrate. If something important needs to be done, don’t expect any help. Turn off your mobile, stay off the Internet and get on with it yourself. Working behind the scenes will be productive. Travel delays will try your patience. When you’re stuck in the middle of traffic or your car won’t start just before an important appointment, it won’t be very amusing.


You might accept an assignment other people turn down due to it being such a big challenge. Progress will be slow but sure. Give yourself a pat on the back. You should be proud of the fact that you are prepared to tackle something you’ve never done before. Enjoy favourite hobbies with your amour. Are you single? A new romance looks promising and this relationship could make a happy difference to your future.


Someone in the family needs some breathing space to think through some new ideas and suggestions. You will understand their need to think things over and although you feel some changes are necessary, you aren’t in a rush. Mistakes can be avoided by taking your time. Job activities seem to multiply every day. A team effort will be rewarding but there is a business decision you need to discuss with a partner. Their support is integral.


Your charisma shines when you’re doing things you love. You’re in a good position where influential people are concerned. People will sit up and listen to you and your brilliant ideas could change the course of a business-related matter. Your thoughts are on your main ambitions and how to make more money. If you’re interviewing for a job, don’t hesitate to request that you should get paid what you are worth.


An emotional situation will become draining if it continues without being resolved. If you give an ultimatum, let someone see that you do mean what you say. You might need to spend more time with people who replenish your energy instead of draining it. A business plan will hit a snag but that doesn’t mean you have to change course or give up on it.