Two weeks ago, I featured Angus Wellicome’s High Street garage (Shell petrol!) and, as promised, here are a few memories of the other, and larger, business, Currall’s, (Esso petrol!) further down the Street and between Institute Road and Station Road.

Owner and Managing Director of the latter was George Currall who lived at Cromwell Cottage, Cromwell Gardens. He had a distinguished WW1 service record and is pictured top right about to leave with members of Marlow’s British Legion to attend the 1937 Royal Review in London.

Over 10 years earlier he had somehow managed to obtain planning permission to part demolish the beautiful Georgian Greyfriars House (bottom left) and replace it with his extensive car showrooms, having rear service workshops accessed from Institute Road.

This followed major objections and legal battles with High Street neighbours, especially Doctor Downs from the adjoining house with the portico.

Like Angus, George also had a sideline of vintage vehicles and sports cars.

Petrol sales formed a major part of the income of both garages (no petrol stations until the 1960s in Little Marlow Road) and both suffered when revised health and safety regulations prevented them dispensing petrol across a pedestrian pavement.

They both had used a system of overhead pipes that were swung out to the road.

Currall’s sold out to a company called Inwards, but they did not last too long and the whole complex was demolished in the 1970s, ironically a similar fate to Greyfriars House, the modified upper storey of which had remained above the showrooms, see picture lower right.

Currall’s also owned Electrical Services in newer rebuilt premises next door; the shop that has recently been in the news regarding retention of the nice bow-fronted double windows.

Electrical Services dealt in radio, TV and white goods and had a small record section.

This part of the business was sold to Evans of Maidenhead who continued to trade for a few years, before it became Henry Jones who specialised in glassware and china goods.

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