This year’s Marlow Carnival was one to remember.

Thousands of Marlovians packed themselves inside Higginson Park on Saturday (September 21), where live music, countless eateries, fairground rides and fantastic weather saw people enjoy the annual event.

And as well as the many activities that took place, there were many charity stands who wre hoping to raise awareness for their chosen cause.

One of the charities at the event was Kyrece’s Legacy.

In memory of Kyrece Francis who attended Great Marlow School, the popular 13-year-old tragically passed away in July 2014 after drowning in the Marlow stretch of the River Thames.

Olivia Chivers, who is a volunteer at the charity said: “We really want to concentrate on not letting people go into the water unless you really have to. 

“And if you really must go into the river, then we’ve got to get the message across that we have the safety equipment for a reason, and that reason is to help those in the water.

“We’re offering water lessons to children in the area which will begin next year and if parents sign up for their children, then it will help them use the safety equipment and how to cope if they do go into the water.”

To mark the fifth anniversary of Kyrece’s passing this year, several water safety units were implemented across the Marlow and Cookham stretch of the Thames.

However, it was recently revealed that several of the units were vandalised, much to the charity’s frustration.

Olivia added: “The water safety units cost £350 each.

"We have to maintain them and recently, we had a lot of graffiti on the units.

“And whilst we understand that graffiti artists have their own tags, it doesn’t look nice on our units.

"We then we have to go out and clean them which costs more money, and that money could be going towards more safety units.

Richard Scott, the Mayor of Marlow then added: “This is a great charity. I was councillor when Kyrece was around and Oliva is right - the river is very dangerous.

“The river looks very benign, but the currents are strong so that’s why if you were to enter the water, please do so with care.

“The charity is doing a great job.”

Another charity that were present at this year’s carnival were Making Marlow Dementia Friendly.

The organisation, who aim to help those who are living with the condition, will be celebrating their one year anniversary in October.

Paul Bolton, who founded the charity said: “We’re hoping to make this an awareness day as we’re coming up to our first anniversary so in October, we’ll be bringing different parts of the community together.

"We’ve recently joined up with the Marlow medical centre and the Marlow Museum so it’s all about awareness."

For more information about both charities, visit and