A Chiltern district councillor has resigned from the Conservatives, saying he "no longer shares the values of the current leadership".

Cllr Mark Titterington, who represents Holmer Green, will now sit as an independent Conservative for the rest of his term on Chiltern District Council.

In a statement, he said it was "with great regret" he was resigning from the Conservatives, saying he no longer shared the party's values.

He said: "These are extremely difficult and unprecedented times for our country, and the Conservative Party, which require cool, calm heads, and a significant amount of realism and pragmatism, as well as compromise, to ensure both prevail and succeed.

"Unfortunately, recent events have led me to the conclusion that I no longer share the values of the current leadership of the Conservative Party and am therefore unable to continue to represent it.

"This is an extremely difficult personal decision to take, given my appreciation and respect for the work of so many of my colleagues and friends in the Party and on Chiltern District Council.

"I shall continue to work on behalf of the residents of Holmer Green, as an Independent Conservative, until the end of my term on Chiltern District Council, next year."