A newly refurbished day nursery is set to open in Chesham next year, launched by two twins Vikki Dasor and Nikki Shah.

Set to open its doors in January next year, Monkey Puzzle nursery will be based in Fullers Hill in Chesham.

The twins plan to complete refurbish the existing facilities - knocking through the interior walls of the nursery building to make bigger baby and pre-school spaces for children’s play and learning.

Newly installed bi-fold doors into the garden will allow for free-flow play, while a Smart Screen will enable interactive play and learning. The nursery will also feature a dedicated baby sleep room.

The nurseries two gardens are currently being landscaped in order to introduce a state-of-the-art sensory garden which focuses on touch, sound and smell.

Fauna and flora local to Chesham will be the garden focus – including poppies, bluebells and sunflowers – as well as different herbs.

The nursery aim to encourage children to plant and nurture plants, while logs from the local area will be used as stepping stones in the play space. The nursery’s rooms will be named after the flowers.

Vikki said: “Because of our own young children, we can really understand what matters most to parents – because we live it 24/7!

“As nursery managers, we recognise that we are responsible for delivering exceptional care, every day, to every child who comes through our door.

“We have every commitment to making our Monkey Puzzle nursery the perfect, safe environment for children to develop and learn.”

“We wanted to set up a Monkey Puzzle nursery after we saw first-hand the wonderful experience our children had at theirs.

“For me, personally, it was about how great Monkey Puzzle was for my son in developing him and the transformation he made, from the day he started to the day he left – he absolutely flourished.

“We want to mirror that here and enable the same brilliant development for other children in the Chesham area.”

Nikki added: “We’ve always wanted to team up to run a business together and we felt this was the perfect opportunity to use our corporate experience – me in Finance and Operations, Vikki in Digital Design – and our mothering experience to make our own Monkey Puzzle business a success.

“As twins, we’re aligned in many ways – in our efficient approach to business, the way we believe effective childcare should be delivered, and our priorities for the benefit of the nursery and the children who attend it.”