The Beaconsfield Liberal Democrat party have announced that they will be supporting Dominic Grieve as an independent candidate should a general election be called before Brexit is finalised.

The party claim that the decision to support the former Conservative MP, who is now sitting as an independent, has not been taken lightly – but they see it as their best chance of ‘gaining a Peoples Vote.’

Mr Grieve was deselected by the Conservative Party in September, after voting against the Conservative government’s ‘no-deal’ Brexit plan from proceeding on October 31.

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, Rob Castell said: "I came into politics to do what I feel is right, not to advance my career, and I'm not about to stand in the way of one of the most distinguished and well respected advocates of a Peoples Vote at a time like this when he is fighting against the ugly headwinds of nationalism coming from within his former party'.

“I do however feel really energised about developing our local party and working hard in this constituency for the future. We have much to do."

Diane Holden, People's Vote team leader in South bucks, said "Dominic is a long-standing supporter of a People's Vote as the rational way to end the Brexit stalemate.

“It is important that he is able to continue work with colleagues across the House of Commons to help bring this about."

Carol Linton, Chair of the Beaconsfield Liberal Democrats, said: "We have to stop any possibility of crashing out of the EU, unnecessarily weakening our position on the world stage and in future trade deals and risking the breakup of the UK.

“The electorate must be given an opportunity to choose between a. No deal on WTO terms, b. a leave deal that binds us to EU rules with no say in them and c. remaining - to work within the EU to reform and improve the European community."