A group of independent councillors and activists have relaunched their local political party as the Wycombe Independents - meaning they will now be able to support independent election candidates across the whole Wycombe area.

Well-known councillors Julia Wassell and Matt Knight set up the East Wycombe Independents in 2015 just weeks before the district council elections.

They were both elected along with fellow independent councillor Andrea Baughan.

Since then they then went on to retain two county council seats in the 2017 elections.

Cllr Knight, the leader of the Wycombe Independents, explained why the party has been relaunched.

He said: “All over the country people are turning to independent politics as an alternative to the traditional political parties.

"People are fed up of the adversarial approach of party politics and many feel that our political system is broken.

"Independent politics is about taking power from the political parties and placing it back with the people – selecting and electing candidates who know their communities, represent the diversity of an area and will work together cooperatively to find common ground and consensus and deliver common sense solutions.”

Cllr Wassell added: “I am delighted that we will be covering a wider area and look forward to welcoming those who want to support and contribute to our work.

"We will be the only political entity that can fully represent the urgent needs of High Wycombe to obtain the best possible public services following years of cutbacks.

"Long suffering residents have paid their taxes only to find services reduced or non-existent.”

Cllr Knight says the party has had a surge of new supporters and members since announcing the launch.

He said: "It has been encouraging to see so many people approaching us to join as members and get involved in this new movement for positive change in High Wycombe. We fully expect to see some surprises in the coming weeks as we grow our team further.

"There are people from across the political spectrum who want to work together to ensure there is a strong and independent voice for Wycombe as we enter the new Buckinghamshire Unitary Authority.

"We welcome applications for membership from anyone who lives in the Wycombe area.”