Just over a week after an altered version of Banksy’s, ‘Girl with a Balloon’, was spotted on Princes Risborough Tennis Club’s newly renovated clubhouse, a similar piece of artwork has been noticed in Marlow.

Captured by Lorraine Osbourne, the sketch shows a man in a hoody spraypainting the phrase, 'there may be laws but there are no rules.' 

The photo is allegedly inspired by Banksy's ‘Flower Thrower’ drawing which is located in Jerusalem, Israel.

The small piece of artwork has been spraypainted on a wall in an alleyway next to the town’s Cote Brassiere restaurant.

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Speaking on Facebook, Lorraine said: "Has Banksy been to Marlow? Blink and you may miss it. Along the alleyway from Cotes to Higginson Park."

It is not known if it was 'Pranksy' who created the artwork.

'Pranksy was the alleged artist who drew the alternative version of the 'Girl with a Balloon' in Princes Risborough.