An award-winning painter will unveil a never seen before piece of art at VIP event at the Clarendon Fine Art Marlow Gallery in Marlow. 

Christian Hook, who is currently on a huge tour across the country, will host the event on Friday, October 18, where he will show art enthusiasts a portrait of Sir Richard Branson and his Grandchildren. 

Christian and Mr. Branson are good friends. 

As part of the VIP experience, Christian will host a Q&A where he will reveal all about his relationship with Branson and confirm an exciting project he’ll be doing in the New Year to coincide with Virgin Galactica 1st commercial space mission.

Other originals from the artist will be on display.

The event will take place on October 18 at the Clarendon Fine Art Gallery on Marlow High Street from 6pm to 8pm.

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