The Iman of Chesham Mosque Arif Hussein has made a generous donation to the 10-county run libraries across Buckinghamshire, gifting then 20 copies of the Quran in English.

The presentation of the books came through a link with the County Council Deputy Leader Mark Shaw, who represents one of the Chesham electoral divisions.

Iman Arif Hussein said: “It was a pleasure for the Chesham Muslim community to provide 20 copies of the Quran translated into English to Bucks County Council.

“We hope they serve as a bridge between our different communities and for there to be greater understanding and respect between faiths.

“The Buckinghamshire Chiltern area is a peaceful and tolerant place where all are accepted, and we are proud and privileged to call it our home.”

Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health, said: "The generous gift of these books from Chesham mosque is very much appreciated, and our libraries will welcome this resource."

Mark Shaw said: "The mosque is an integral and valuable part of our community in Chesham. This is a very kind gesture by the Imam and members of the mosque, which will give a wider audience reference to the Quran."