The Crown at Radnage was voted the number one roast in the county by our readers, receiving many rave reviews about their large portions and delicious cuts of meat, so we went to see how good their roasts really are.

I arrived at The Crown which is set amongst beautiful countryside and when inside a friend and I were met with smiles and taken to our table.

The restaurant was refurbished a few years ago and now has a simple, but clear-cut interior fitted with much wooden features and a decent sized bar.

The place was packed, and Bar and Restaurant Manager Jack later told us how they are often fully booked for Sunday Roasts and being able to walk in and get a table is rare, their popularity clearly being testament to their hearty food.

To start I had the ham hock terrine (£7), which was served with chutney, sourdough toast, and a salad.

The ham was beautifully salty and paired with sweet chutney on crunchy toast, it was a great contrast.

Bucks Free Press:

I was left slightly less ravenous than before but had enough room for the highly anticipated roast.

I chose to have the roast sirloin of beef (£16.25) and my friend choice to have the roast loin of pork (£14.75), with a side of cauliflower and leek cheese to share (£4.00).

The Roasts were both piled high with an array of veg, and a very generous portion of meat and potatoes.

Firstly, the beef was light pink in the middle fading to a more well-cooked brown round the edges.

It cut easily with a normal knife and the taste and texture demonstrated how it was a high-quality piece of meat.

My friend spoke highly of the pork, describing how it melted in his mouth.

The potatoes were golden and crisp, and the Yorkshire pudding fluffy, both made even more delicious when smothered in, not gravy, jus.

To make the jus they use the bones and trimmings of the meats from Sunday service and cook these together for five days.

The effort put in to making the jus really comes through, it was the most savoury, tasteful accompaniment I’ve ever had to a roast, and with an extra pot I made sure to cover everything on my plate in the stuff.

There was a lot of vegetables, from carrots, to cabbage and more, all cooked well, and the side of cauliflower cheese and leek was very more-ish however I would’ve loved it to be just a tiny bit cheesier.

Bucks Free Press:

I completely understood why The Crown was voted the best roast in Bucks as my friend and I discussed the delicious dish hours after the lunch and are already planning our next trip back for Sunday lunch.

Despite being stuffed from the main we couldn’t resist sharing a chocolate brownie with ice cream for dessert.

This is a classic and was executed well. The brownie was rich but not sickly, the ice-cream was full of flavour and creamy.

A great end to a pretty perfect meal.

The Crown certainly serves great food, and with a stylish interior and friendly staff it’s a lovely place to dine.

They’re also open late on the weekends for those who want a few drinks, and unlike other local pubs are open on Mondays.

They definitely deserve the number one spot for their roasts and this meal was a solid 5 stars.