A group of scouts from Amersham and High Wycombe got together to learn new skills in a training exercise in Milton Keynes.

The children took part in activates such as climbing and archery, whilst also learning how to cook with camping equipment.

The scouts also enjoyed an arts and crafts lesson.

And as well as the children being taught new skills, there were also lessons for adults.

The adults took part in similar scouting activities, but were also taught lessons in IT and media.

The training event took place on Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6.

Adult volunteer Gordon Rennie said: “I’ve been a volunteer for a year, and this was a great opportunity to try different activities without any Scouts in tow.

“I’ve tried crossbows, picked up some tips on media, learnt how to use a paracord to make different items and shared details of some of the paracord items I’ve made with my Scouts.”

Emma King, lead volunteer for training across Buckinghamshire the added: “This event gave volunteers the opportunity to learn new skills which they can use when planning future programmes for the remainder of this year and next year.

“It’s also given them an opportunity to climb or try archery as they often don’t get the chance to do it if they bring Cubs or Scouts with them.

“Some of the adult volunteers have been assessed for their archery permit which will result in more young people being able to do another different activity.”

Lead volunteer for Buckinghamshire Scouts James Palin said: “Scouting across the county continues to grow and more and more children (boys and girls aged six to 18) want to join every week.

“The main reason for this is down to the brilliant programmes the adult volunteers provide on a weekly basis.

“Increasing the number of volunteers will enable more young people to join and will also give the adults opportunities to share their skills and knowledge with others and learn and develop news skills.”

For further information about Buckinghamshire Scouts, visit www.bucks-scouts.org.uk.