October is here and autumn has officially arrived - bringing with it an explosion of colour.

The change in the season has already brought us spectacular sunrises (see page 10) and a myriad of sprouting fungi.

And as the leaves continue to turn from lush greens to fiery reds and oranges, there is plenty of opportunity to get out and about in the beautiful Bucks countryside to capture the scenes on camera.

Members of the Bucks Free Press Camera Club have been busy snapping photos of the landscape and the wildlife that enjoys it - and we have shared some of the best ones here.

These include a woodland shot from Emma Mockchops, some stunning deep red leaves by Carlene O’Rourke and a fluffy little Blue Tit sheltering from the October rain by Alice Vranch.

If you would like to view more images like these ones, or share your own with other talented photographers, go to Facebook and search ‘Bucks Free Press Camera Club’ or go to www.facebook.com/groups/195842284525903.